My safety switch keeps 'tripping." What should I do?

Unplug all appliances then try to reset safety switch.

Why does my electric hot water system run out of hot water after a short time?

You may have a two element system and a part of that system may have broken down.

These parts can be replaced for a fraction of the cost of a complete new unit.

Do my solar panels require maintenance?

Yes, all components require maintenance, which should be completed on a regular basis.

The Clean Energy Council regulate the solar industry in Australia and stipulate that all systems are serviced annually.

How do I know if my switchboard needs to be upgraded, is out of date and perhaps unsafe?

A qualified electrician needs to assess if this is required. Many older homes do not have circuit breakers or safety switches which are now mandatory in all homes. Myers Electrical Services offers obligation free quotes.

How do I know if my house is protected by safety switches?

Take a photo of your switchboard and email, post or call into our office for further advice.

When should I get a Certificate of Electrical Safety?

Any electrical work performed by an electrician requires a Certificate of Electrical Safety to be issued on completion.

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